Vienna Opera Ball 2017

Event Name : Vienna Opera Ball 2017
Venue : Vienna
Start Date : Thursday, 23-Feb-2017
End Date : Thursday, 23-Feb-2017

The Vienna Opera Ball is a very posh and plush event that takes place every year in the country of Austria. The Vienna State Opera is the venue for this ultra glamorous event that has assumed a cult status in the Austrian society. Vienna Opera Ball was first started in the year 1936 and passing through a topsy turvy road of social and political blockade it has attained the stature it enjoys today. Wiener Opera ball in German, this is a ball season that attracts some 5000 international socialites from all across the globe including some really and easily recognized names. It is one of the longest ball session in Vienna with all the style and aura coming together. This is also kept in the same league with the New Year Concert and together they create an integral part of the famous Viennese Carnival time. You can see men and women in strict dress codes and the entite auditorium of the opera is turned into a ball room. This is a perfect setting for some social connection buildings as the who's who of their respective fields are seen here in a festive mood. To add to the entertainment quotient, you can take part in foxtrot session and be a part of the Opera Ball Disco.


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