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Paush Purnima 2019

Photo by: News18

Event Name : Paush Purnima 2019
Venue : India
Start Date : Monday, 21-Jan-2019
End Date : Monday, 21-Jan-2019

Paush Purnima is additionally one of critical day for Hindus that falls on the 'purnima' in the period of Paush in the Hindu date-book. On this day a great many aficionados play out the ceremonious shower in the holy Ganga and Yamuna streams. In the Gregorian timetable, Paush Purnima is seen in the long stretches of December-January. On the event of Paush Purnima, at the Prayag Sangam Hindu aficionados from distant locations abroad come to take a heavenly plunge.

It is trusted that such a demonstration will soothe every one of the wrongdoings, even those from past births and even allow 'moksha' or salvation. Other than Prayag, the other prime journey places are Nasik, Allahabad and Ujjain. Paush Purnima is commended with incredible enthusiasm the whole way across India and on this day uncommon customs are held in Hindu sanctuaries in ious parts of the nation.

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