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New York Sephardic Music Festival

Event Name : New York Sephardic Music Festival
Venue : Brooklyn, New York
Start Date : Friday, 15-Jun-2018
End Date : Monday, 18-Jun-2018

The New York Sephardic Music Festival NY-SMF is rich, vibrant, and is significant for those who are keen to understand the culture and tradition of any existing community of the world, especially Jewish. To understand completely the age-old richness equipped by the Jewish world, you need to be physically present to observe the performances of worlds best artists, emphasizing cultural traditions from Ladino Judeo-Spanish to Mizrahi Middle Eastern/North African to Yemenite Judeo-Arabic. Some conventional depictions and melodious Shabbat songs, Sephardic folk tunes and classic love poemsRomanceros can also be heard. For an extraordinary musical taste, you can give company to those artistes as well who can skillfully play traditional melodies and modern electro mix. Arrange a ticket soon to get injected with extra doze of entertainment by Sephardic Scholar Series, including ethnomusicologists, performers and experts exposing historical and sociological roots of Sephardic music to please your senses.


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