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Losar Festival 2019

Event Name : Losar Festival 2019
Venue : Arunachal pradesh
Start Date : Tuesday, 05-Feb-2019
End Date : Thursday, 07-Feb-2019

Denoting the beginning of spring and the main day of the lunar date-book, Losar is a prevalent celebration of Arunachal Pradesh. It is commended by the general population of Monpa Tribe who are said to be occupants of Arunachal Pradesh since 500 BC. Monpa Tribe rehearses agribusiness and creature farming and takes after Buddhist religion. Losar is a 3-day celebration, which is praised with extraordinary pageantry and show in Tawang.

The term Losar is made of two words, 'Lo'- which implies year and 'Sar' - meaning new. The celebration is seen to avoid detestable spirits and welcome the new year that should be loaded with joy and success. The date for the celebration for the most part falls in the periods of January, February or March; and the Tibetan lunar timetable allocates a component and a creature to every year.

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