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Kagyat Dance Festival 2018

Photo by: eSikkim Tourism

Event Name : Kagyat Dance Festival 2018
Venue : Sikkim
Start Date : Sunday, 16-Dec-2018
End Date : Sunday, 16-Dec-2018

The artists of this are hugely famous Chaam are dependably priests who are went with ceremonial music and droning. The serious idea of the move is scattered with entertainment gave by the buffoons. Kagyat move is played out each 28th and 29th day of the Tibetan date-book. The grave idea of the moves is sprinkled with lighthearted element gave by the buffoons. This move is performed by the priests in the Tsuklakhang royal residence cloister compound two days before Losoong the Sikkimese New Year.

The custom move comes full circle with the consuming of models made of flour, wood and paper-symbolizing the decimation of the powers of underhandedness. The grave idea of the move is blended with entertainment gave by the buffoons. Preceding the move supplications are offered by the priests inside the sanctuary and for the thousands who run to see the move their participation is affirmation of their inalienable conviction, that to see the move is to take an interest in the exorcizing of malevolence and introducing of peace and success for the coming year.

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