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Gurugaddi Gurpurab Sri Guru Amardas Ji 2019

Event Name : Gurugaddi Gurpurab Sri Guru Amardas Ji 2019
Venue : Punjab
Start Date : Monday, 18-Mar-2019
End Date : Monday, 18-Mar-2019

Gurugaddi Gurpurab Sri Guru Amardas Ji was considered in 1479, 10 years after the presentation of Guru Nanak, the main Sikh Guru and originator of the Sikh certainty. Guru Amardas Ji was the most seasoned offspring of Sri Tej Bhan Ji, a farmer and intermediary, and Mata Lachmi Ji, a birth mother.

He was a retailer and lived in a town called Basarke, close Amritsar. The third Sikh Guru was hitched to Mata Mansa Devi and they had four children - two kids named Bhai Mohan and Bhai Mohri, and two young ladies named Bibi Dani Jiand Bibi Bhani Ji.

Bibi Bhani later married Bhai Jetha who transformed into the fourth Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Das. It is recorded that before transforming into a Sikh, Bhai Amardas Ji as he was known at the time, was an extraordinarily religious Vaishanavite Hindu who spent most of his life having out the more noteworthy impact of the custom voyages and fasts of an enthusiastic Hindu.

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