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Formula One: Japanese Grand Prix 2018

Event Name : Formula One: Japanese Grand Prix 2018
Venue : Suzuka Circuit International Racing Course, Suzuka City
Start Date : Friday, 05-Oct-2018
End Date : Sunday, 07-Oct-2018

Formula One: Japanese Grand Prix 2018

The Japanese Grand Prix is an enamoring event to hold your attention for long. It is a sole reason to make Japan known as a picturesque place on the Formula One calendar. To uplift your sporting spirits, the premium settings of Japans Suzuka circuit in Suzuka City, located at the distance of 50kms south west of Nagoya, looks immaculate to create a history in the sporting world.

It is a thrilling Formula 1 Race that includes worldwide popular teams, followed by a faithful band and illustrious globe-trotters. Further, the racing track is owned by Honda, who originally established the same as a test track for its motorbikes and road cars. Slowly and steadily, the F1 has embraced the whole world in its arms and has made them its ardent followers, along with the Japanese sponsors who have also hugely started supporting the race in recent years.

Indulge yourself in other captivating activities that are available in and around Suzuki, commencing from a roller coaster ride at the track. Unlike any other sport display, it offers you spectacular view of the sea, a singing chance at the Big Echo bar, as well as try some karaoke and eat nutritious beef in the Matoba restaurant.

Before we end, just would like to hint you about some other underlining features of the racing calendar containing the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, and the Monaco Grand Prix, set on the roads of Monte Carlo, which is no less than an enticing halt to catch a glimpse of fanatical fans of Ferrari's or tifosi.

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