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Dead Sea Ultra Marathon 2018

Event Name : Dead Sea Ultra Marathon 2018
Venue : Amman
Start Date : Friday, 13-Apr-2018
End Date : Friday, 13-Apr-2018

The Dead Sea Ultra Marathon is an annually held running event that supports the cause of the 'Society for the Care of Neurological Patients' SCNP and Amman Road Runners. Organized under the patronage of prince Raad Bin Zeid, this marathon is the major fund raising event for the noble cause of SCNP. This society rovides neurological patients with medical aid and covers the costs of necessary surgeries for the needy. The Dead Sea Ultra Marathon has witnessed its rising national and international recognition for over a decade. Out an out a physical sport, Dead Sea Ultra Marathon is a battering test of human endurance and resistance. The runners start from the high lands and peaks of Amman and descend to the lowest point on earth- the Dead Sea, in the desert of southern Jordan. Going by the numbers, Dead Sea Ultra Marathon commences at 900 metres above sea level and covers over 50 kms to reach 400 metres below sea level. This means a descend of some 1300 metres. Divided in to three events- half marathon, standard marathon and the ultra-marathon, the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon. Runners can take part individually or in teams of four and they pass through the tarmac roads where there is hardly any shade. Every year over 4000 runners take part in this marathon including some of the best name in this sport. The number of the participating athletes are growing every year.


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