Carnival of Binche 2017

Event Name : Carnival of Binche 2017
Venue : Binche
Start Date : Sunday, 26-Feb-2017
End Date : Tuesday, 28-Feb-2017

The Carnival of Binche is without any question and doubt the most famous carnival in Belgium. Taken place each year in the Belgian town of Binche, this festival has been proclaimed as a Masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Celebrated in the month of February for three days, Carnival of Binche commands mention as it reflects the original and authentic character of Binche traditions. Binche is a small Medieval town in the Walloon region of the country with a population of merely 30,000 French-speaking people. Events related to the carnival begin up to seven weeks prior to the primary celebrations. Street performances and public displays of musical acts, dancing and marching dominate this session. The three main days of this traditional carnival in Belgium are known as the 'fatty days'. The most important characters of the Binche Carnival are the Gilles, the clown-like performers. They all are dressed in traditional outfit that involves red and black body garments, ostrich-feather hats, and wax masks. The masks have a curled moustache and the pair of spectacles they wear are also identical. The celebrations continue till three days with equal amount of pomp and gaiety. Plan your holidays around the time of the Carnival of Binche and witness something new and unique.

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