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Bullfighting in Pamplona

Event Name : Bullfighting in Pamplona
Venue : Pamplona
Start Date : Monday, 06-Jul-2015
End Date : Tuesday, 14-Jul-2015

Spain as a country is always in the spot light for the versatility and raw charm. Be it the mesmerizing sound of the famous Spanish guitar or the gracefully sensuous Flamenco moves, Spain has that aura about itself. Bullfighting is something that is synonymous with Spain. A cult ceremony that goes back to 711AD attracts millions of spectators every year. This is the most traditional of other Spanish Fiestas. The proceeding of this event starts with a mighty ferocious bull that is left unleashed in a ring with the top bull fighter called the Matador. The skilled and brave matador waves the Muleta, a piece of thick crimson cloth draped over a short stick to instigate the bull to charge towards him. When the bull is dangerously near the matador, he swings out of the bull's way and this continues till the bull is defeated and killed by him. Though the event might look a bit cruel and risky, it is thriving in Spain from many generations. The matadors are respected members of the society. With the passage of time, bullfighting has gained commercial value as well. Definitely an event for the brave hearted!

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