Angel Falls: Canaima National Park

Angel Falls: Canaima National Park

If you ever thought all water falls are the same, one way or the other, it's time to change that perception. There is absolutely no comparison to Angel Falls. At 3,212 feet, this is the highest water fall in the world. The water falls 2600 feet uninterrupted, which is almost fifteen times Niagara Falls and 1.5 times Empire State Building. If reading this does not make you dizzy, looking up the falls surely will. Situated within the Canaima National Park, the waterfall originates from the apex point of Auyan Tepuy. It is here, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle got the idea of writing about dinosaurs in his classic 'The Lost World. You can opt for a flight-seeing tour which will take you flying over the fall in a jet or you can choose a jeep tour to the foot of the falls. Both will give a view totally different from each other so it is recommended you take both.

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