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VAD Nepal is a non-governmental organization established by a team of professional having the experience and expertise in different activities over a decade through meaningful programs and activities focusing on Tourism, Education, Enhancing living conditions and Rehabilitation.
VAD Nepal's mission is to carry out activities and programmes focusing on Tourism, and Rehabilitation.
Nepal Tour
In this program we arrange special discount for individuals and groups travelling into Nepal. We perform various kinds of tour activities that are run in Nepal.
Village Tourism
Our guests are taken to nearby villages where they spend a few days living with local people being treated as family members.
Hotel/Guest House
We manage Hotel/Guest House in Nepal more then 6 locations in 3 districts.A comfortable place for all kinds of tourists/volunteers/students/ visitor etc.
Home Stay
We manage Home Stays in Nepal more then 35 locations in 11 districts. The Home Stay is accommodation provided in a private home, with no more than 3 rooms available for guests, run by the home owner.
Volunteer Programs
Our volunteer programs in Nepal include Orphanages, Teaching, Healthcare and rehabilitation. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational and community aid programs.
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Thamel,Kathmandu, Nepal, Kathmandu

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