Artistic Casa Pueblo

It is a phenomenal art museum that represents the exceptional work done by the most celebrated Uruguayan painter namely Carlos Paez Vilaro. It is located on a out-cropping of rock 5 minutes from Punta del Este. He was known for traveling around the world, taking deep information of learning various techniques and several cultures, and much of his work was predominantly influenced by the isle of Tahiti. Further, talking about its architecture, it is also created by Vilaro, and is genuinely very fabulous. It is made up of abode, erected out of a territory of the rocks in bizarre curves and formations and offers a grand scenery before your eyes. It is a brilliant sculpture of smooth, white concrete, curvaceous, and is a true visual delight for your eyes. When you enter into Casa Pueblo, you are first welcomed into a small auditorium. It has pew -style benches all twisted from concrete, and displayed a self-explanatory program. Carlos Paez Vilaro has vibrant milieu, having lived in an African leprosy colony with Dr. Albert Schweitzer, in several countries. You can also come across the Rio De La Plata casting a glance on the left, and the blue of a courtyard swimming pool situated to the right and may seem very attractive. Last of all, so far it has proved to be a gleaming building and no adverse effect has ever been put by clouds on its shine.

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