Ken Bethell trip to India

Traveled With : Holiday India

Hello Hellotravel Team!

OK I get the picture. My initial enquiry was passed on to Holiday india. Fine, yes the holiday was superb and represented good value for money. The driver, Baba, a Sikh, was brilliant. I don't know how people survive on your roads! The guides were also very good although my wife and I were not entirely happy about the Agra/Taj Mahal guide who seem to want to conclude our trip to the Taj as quickly as possible. I know some of your guides might be on tight schedule but for many people a visit to see the Taj Mahal is the principal reason for visiting India and to rush them around it is not good policy.

The hotels were excellent however modern travellers however require to keep in touch and broadband internet is an essential. The quality of this varied considerable between hotels and one, I think Hotel Mansingh in Jaipur, sell you 'high speed wi-fi' when in fact it never got above dial-up speed. Another, in Agra, charged me twice because I used two devices in my room! The costs involved in providing broadband in every hotel room are trifling and would not alter room prices significantly yet I twice got involved in petty squabbles about nothing! Indian hoteliers should take this on board.
All in all, excellent.

Ken bethell

Trip Details:
Trip Request Date : Sep 2010

Visited Country : India

From Country : Spain

Tour Type : Casual Vacation

No. of People : 2 Adults

Traveler Requirement :
Delhi, Agra and Jaipur and back to Delhi