Frozen Waterfalls - The True Miracles of Nature

Frozen Waterfalls - The True Miracles of Nature

The Fang Waterfall, Colorado

This place commands its popularity during the chilly winter months, as climbers from all over the world go for waterfall climbing. It's true... Adrenaline gushes to the peak, for those mountaineers who crane their neck to the lofty heights of this frozen waterfall. The beautiful ice pillar of the waterfall is formed during chilly winters. Rising up to 50m high, it looks not only enchanting, but also formidable. Only brave heart should dare it.. As the ice wall is slippery as hell.

Hokkaido waterfall, Japan

Tighten your belts and dare to attempt to scale this notoriously tricky ice waterfall on the northern island of Hokkaido, which is absolutely a herculean task. The main problem is that they are vulnerable to collapse.

Banff National Park, Canada

Planning to trudge a slightly dangerous route? Then how about the frozen waterfall in Banff National Park, Canada. One hardly realizes the magnanimity of this waterfall until you see the climbers at the top appearing like ants.

South Fork Valley, USA

This mammoth ice climb is stupendous and also called 'The Testament', this pillar of ice is 180ft high. The waterfall freezes only from the outside, so that water still flows inside the ice. Another scary feature of such waterfalls is that it is only attached to rock at the top and most of the ice is suspended in mid-air.

Frozen waterfall Oxararfoss at Pingvellir, Iceland

Talking about frozen waterfalls and how is it possible there is no mention about Iceland...Truly, Iceland has its fair share of frozen waterfalls including the one which cascades directly into the mid Atlantic ridge. This frozen waterfall looks straight out of the Narnia fairy tales.

These treasured miracles of nature are like show stoppers occurring once in a blue under ultimate freezing temperatures..and most of them only freeze for a short time making them rare events! This winter catch them if you can !

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