Frozen Waterfalls - The True Miracles of Nature

Frozen Waterfalls - The True Miracles of Nature

Have you ever thought about climbing a waterfall fully enveloped in a snow sheet. Mother Earth treasures some truly amazing marvels within her womb.. Waterfalls!!When frozen, they have a different tale to tell! These snowy frozen waterfalls are real miracles and are found once in a blue moon.

The Fang Waterfall, Colorado
canada_2.jpg canada_2.jpg

Hokkaido waterfall, Japan
Japan.jpg Japan.jpg

Banff National Park, Canada
-testament-wyomming.jpg -testament-wyomming.jpg

South Fork Valley, USA

Frozen waterfall Oxararfoss at Pingvellir, Iceland
iceland%20fsaf.jpg iceland%20fsaf.jpg

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