Frozen Waterfalls are the True Miracles of Nature

Mother Earth treasures some truly amazing marvels within her womb! Waterfalls. These could be sometimes frozen and then they have a very different tale to tell! These snowy waterfalls are real miracles and you find them once in a blue moon.
Believe it or not,running waterfalls freeze and are decked up into amazing sizes and shapes. One really enjoys them in full blossom when the water flow is fervent and formidable. The water seems merrily cascading over rocks. Some of these snowy waterfalls unfurl a pristine story of serenity. Well,have you ever tried visualizing such a waterfall fully enveloped in a snow sheet.If not then here we have something for you. The Fang Waterfall, Colorado This place commands its popularity during the chilly winter months as climbers from all over the world visit it to perform the waterfall climbing. Hard to believe, how to climb a waterfall? But it's true...Adrenaline gushes to the highest for those mountaineers who crane their neck to the lofty heights of this frozen waterfall. The beautiful ice pillar of the waterfall are formed only in chilly winters. At up to 50m high, it looks not only enchanting but so formidable. And the ice wall is as slippery as hell. The brave heart only dare it! Hokkaido waterfall , Japan Ice-climbing is often thought to be a popular, although dangerous pastime! But what's the harm planning for a daredevil climb of a frozen waterfall in the Japanese Alps. Tighten your belts while attempting to scale the notoriously tricky ice waterfalls on the northern island of Hokkaido, which is absolutely a herculean task. The only one problem in these frozen waterfalls is that they are very much vulnerable for a collapse. Banff National Park, Canada Planning to trudge a slightly dangerous route? Then how about the frozen waterfall in Banff National Park, Canada. One can hardly realize the magnanimity of this waterfall until one sights the climbers at the top with the appearance of ants. South Fork Valley, USA This mammoth ice climb is stupendous and also called 'The Testament', this pillar of ice is 180ft high. The most weird and wonderful shape is probably the ice tube waterfall. The waterfall here freezes from the outside in, so that water still flows inside the ice. A true moment of enchantment...But for the extra fear factor, one should know that the frozen waterfall is only attached to rock at the top and most of the ice is suspended in mid-air. Waterfall, Iceland Talking about frozen waterfalls and how is it possible there is no mention about Iceland...Truly, Iceland has its fair share of frozen waterfalls including the one which cascades directly into the mid Atlantic ridge which passes through this tiny island . This frozen waterfall looks like something coming straight out of the Narnia fairy tales. Certainly one of the magical places on earth. These treasured miracles of nature are like show stoppers occurring once in a blue under ultimate freezing temperatures..and most of them only freeze for a short time making them rare events! This winter catch them if you can !

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