See Where The Traveller Tread This Year

See Where The Traveller Tread This Year

The Asian countries seem to have taken a leap in terms of holiday destinations so far as the new year is concerned. Here goes a glance...

With the incoming of the new year, speculations are on the rise and new trends are dawning deep. Travel arena also is seeing new horizons and opportunities are popping out in terms of vacation ideas and travel destination.Keeping full accordance with the changing times, leading travel search site Skyscanner has released the most sought after destinations of the past year which is still holding the promise of remaining table toppers for the ongoing year as well. The report shows a surge in the Asian region with cities like China, Taipei, Beijing and Tokyo, a href="">Japan occupying the first four slots respectively. Breaking into the chain of Asian domination, European cities like Moscow and Kiev made way through to be seated at the sixth and seven position. But again, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore fill up the last three slots to complete the list of perfect ten. The biggest revelation that is spotted in this report is the growing tendency to break away from the cliched London-Paris-Rome type of holiday and try out new and exciting vacation ideas in the relatively hardcore Asian destinations.The economic and infrastructural development in the Asian countries might be attributed to this recent trend and these nations are all set to welcome you with warmth and intimacy you have never seen!

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