Unusual Tourist Places in the world that thrill

Unusual Tourist Places in the world that thrill

Every tourist destination in the world is characterized by their own individual charm and attraction. They might differ in terms of taste, visitors, preference and nature. But if we have a close glance at the major destinations across the globe, we discover that, each one of them houses one or more off the hook kind of attractions that is at times mad and freak! Taking a chance in your normal activities might not interest you; but while on a holiday it is fun to take some roads not taken to enhance your experience and stay. To do that, one need not to have an athletic physique or an adventurous soul, all it takes is that drive to redefine the conventional theory of travelling.
In today's story, we have tried to short list some of those crazy attractions

Karni Mata Temple, India

The magical country of India also features in this odd list! The Karni Mata Temple in Deshnok in the state of Rajasthan, has the dubious distinction of being a queer place where rats are considered to be the representative of the goddess Karni. As a result, the whole temple premise is home to some 20,000 rats in all sizes and shapes.

Gundam, Japan

This is a tribute to the highly popular animated series in Japan featuring the robotic character Gundam. To mark the 30th anniversary of the series, a giant replica of Gundam was set up in Tokyo's Odaiba Shiokaze park in July 2009. The RX-78 Gundam statue is 60 feet tall with a mobile head and his entire frame emits lights from over 50 various spots. The fully illuminated Gundam figure with multi coloured lights looks very real as the evening descends.

Giant hockey stick, USA

If your fascination is with every thing that is huge in size, this is your chance to enrich your visual experience with a visit to witness the largest free standing hockey stick in the world. Located in the small town of Eveleth in Minnesota, this metallic hockey stick is 107 feet long and is 3 tons of weight. To complement it, you will find a hockey puck at the base of the figure which, matching to the massive stick weighs 700 pounds!

Carnevale di Ivrea, Italy

Quite close to the La Tomatina festival of Spain, this freak event is about throwing oranges at one another in the tiny town of Ivrea. The madness continues for three days in late February and every body is engaged in the "Battle of the Oranges". As a traveller it will be a never before experience for you as you will be targeted by the orange and you will also get to shoot back! Sounds fair, right?

Catacombs, Paris

Want to get the goosebumps or missing those haunting nightmares that used to wake you up at the middle of night? If game for it, switch to the catacombs located in Paris.
Formerly, a stone mine, these tunnels are the place where you will see human skulls and bones stacked to the walls.
An outcome of the rising real estate price in the late 18th century, when the cemeteries lost their places in the city areas, this destination is not for the weak hearted.

The Crazy Horse Memorial, USA

As the very name suggests, this monument is simply insane and out of the sensible human thinking. Located in South Dakota, this massive carving of an Oglala Lakota warrior with his horse was started by Korczak Ziolkowski in 1948 on the Black Hills. But due to the death of this artist in 1982 the works were interrupted until it was resumed again by a foundation run by his family. Still under making, this figure will be the largest carving on earth with 641 feet in width and 563 feet in height.

Chernobyl and Pripyat, Ukraine

Madness reaches a whole new level when the thought of visiting two of world's most unlikely places- Chernobyl and Pripyat hits the mind. But, hang on! a growing number of tourists are showing interest in spending some days in the radioactive zone of Chernobyl to feel something that is queer. And same is the case with the secluded city of Pripyat where no one resides now after the infamous Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

Bubblegum Alley, USA

This is another example of what we call unusually crazy. Can you imagine a 20-meter-long stretch in San Luis Obispo where you will find the used bubble gums pasted on one another creating a colourful canvass? Well, it is a fact, no matter how disgusting it might sound or look!
So next time you think twice before spitting out the bubble gum.

Cappadocia Cave Hotels, Turkey

If you think a hotel can not be a tourist attraction, think again! Presenting the cave hotel of the wonderful Cappadocia.
The artistic imagination was at its peak when the sculptors cut through these soft volcanic rocks to form pillars and minaret to give the guests a unique, but local taste.

World is never in dearth of off track activities and unseen views. And just one wild imagination, you are there in between all the action!

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