Unusual Tourist Places in the world that thrill

Unusual Tourist Places in the world that thrill

It is always a pleasure to select best tourist attraction for your vacations. There are people who think otherwise and discovering unusual tourist places like the one what we offer you today. We bet you these destinations would surely drive you crazy. These unusual tourist places are for those who think out of the line!

Karni Mata Temple - India
karni-mata-temple_1425310381e11.jpg karni-mata-temple_1425310381e11.jpg

The magical country of India also features in this odd list! The Karni Mata Temple in Deshnok in the state of Rajasthan, has the dubious distinction of being a queer place where rats are considered to be the representative of the goddess Karni.

Gundam - Japan
gundam-japan_1425310381u21.jpg gundam-japan_1425310381u21.jpg

This is a tribute to the highly popular animated series in Japan featuring the robotic character Gundam. To mark the 30th anniversary of the series, a giant replica of Gundam was set up in Tokyo's Odaiba Shiokaze park in July 2009.

Giant Hockey Stick - USA
giant-hockey-stick_1425310382u32.jpg giant-hockey-stick_1425310382u32.jpg

If your fascination is with every thing that is huge in size, this is your chance to enrich your visual experience with a visit to witness the largest free standing hockey stick in the world.

Carnevale di Ivrea - Italy
18_1425310382u43.jpg 18_1425310382u43.jpg

Quite close to the La Tomatina festival of Spain, this freak event is about throwing oranges at one another in the tiny town of Ivrea.

Catacombs, Paris
catacombs-paris_1425310382u50.jpg catacombs-paris_1425310382u50.jpg

Want to get the goosebumps or missing those haunting nightmares that used to wake you up at the middle of night? If game for it, switch to the catacombs located in Paris.

The Crazy Horse Memorial - USA
the-crazy-horse-memorial_1425310382u61.jpg the-crazy-horse-memorial_1425310382u61.jpg

As the very name suggests, this monument is simply insane and out of the sensible human thinking.

Chernobyl and Pripyat - Ukraine
lecture-hall-cultu_2161226k.jpg lecture-hall-cultu_2161226k.jpg

bubblegum-alley_1425310382u72.jpg bubblegum-alley_1425310382u72.jpg

Madness reaches a whole new level when the thought of visiting two of world's most unlikely places- Chernobyl and Pripyat hits the mind.

Bubblegum Alley - USA
lecture-hall-cultu_2161226k_1425310382u83.jpg lecture-hall-cultu_2161226k_1425310382u83.jpg

This is another example of what we call unusually crazy. Can you imagine a 20-meter-long stretch in San Luis Obispo where you will find the used bubble gums pasted on one another creating a colourful canvass Well, it is a fact, no matter how disgusting it might sound or look!

Cappadocia Cave Hotels - Turkey
46631983_3a30d9cc2f_z_1425310382u90.jpg 46631983_3a30d9cc2f_z_1425310382u90.jpg

If you think a hotel can not be a tourist attraction, think again! Presenting the cave hotel of the wonderful Cappadocia.

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