Saiyu Travels Pvt Ltd

The Company was started to fill in the demands of the ever growing Tourism Industry. The majority of the Trekkers and Travellers were from the US and Japan. In its almost two decades of existence, Jai Himal has catered to, and successfully organised, numerous expeditions, including major ones to "Everest" the ultimate "Roof of the World". Three years later, Saiyu Travel P. Ltd. was started, because the need was felt to cover areas other than just trekking and mountaineering. Saiyu focused its expertise on Cultural, Religious and Ethnic Tours, especially for those who wanted to partake of the beauty of Nepal, but without "climbing mountains ! ". These Tours, cover Valleys, Hills and the Terai Region.
Provide personalized touch to the trip by offering unsurpassed services such as Air Ticketing, Hotel Booking, Car Hire. You can choose from Trekking, Rafting, Jungle Safari readily provided for a memorable trip ahead. Its services are majorly spread over world's key destinations like Kathmandu, Nepal,Bhutan
P.O.Box:3017, DurbarMarg, Kathmandu-Nepal
Saiyu Travels Pvt Ltd

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