Whether called the principality of Monaco or the city-state Monaco, it lies amid the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps. It is enclosed by the Italian Riviera to the east and the French Riviera to the west, and as a result, people here predominantly communicate both in French and Italian. However, English and Monegasque are also very much in demand. Its capital city is Monaco and about 90% of the population support Roman Catholic religion. Monaco can certainly be your next travel destination. It is because it offers multi-million pound yachts gleaming in Monte Carlo harbor, balmy weather, big annual events like the Tennis Masters Series in April and the Formula 1 Grand Prix in May, etc. all make it extremely unique for your Europe exploration. Plus, its scenic walking routes, lush fountain parks, al fresco cafes, Monte Carlo Opera and casino, together with attractive coastal bays are really very boosting to indulge yourself besides gambling.

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