Sipping Cups Of Tea In Assam

The amazingly beautiful land of Assam is a real marvel of nature with long, wide strong current rivers, green hills, pristine valleys and some simple locals. Still not much explored from the tourism point of view, Assam is a mystic land of light and rain. In your vacation in Assam, you won't feel the dearth of any travel destination and fun activity to undertake.

But, among all the things you try in Assam, don't miss out on a trip to the tea gardens located in the far east part of the state in some mesmerizing landscape. Still maintaining the colonial charm, these tea gardens have got several tea processing factories in the outskirts of the plantations. Be there and experience for yourself what is called the Assam Tea. Pick up select tea leaves processed under controlled atmosphere and just add hot water and sugar. Your Assam tea is ready, sip it down and relish the aroma, taste and the kick.

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