Craving Crepes on the Streets of Paris, France

While scaling down the streets of Paris, you need to unload your wallet many times. An expensive city by all means, Paris however gives you the worth of every penny spent. So, what about trying some Crêpe? This food is unbeatable if you have it in France. Mouth Crêpes are stuffed with chestnut, lemon, grand marnier, nutella, banana,or goat cheese, mushrooms, ham, spinach, salmon etc. destinations like Place de la République are the ones you need to hit for this experience.

Avignon Festival (
Avignon Festival
Starting: Monday, 6 July 2015
Ending: Sunday, 26 July 2015
Inter-Celtic Festival (
Inter-Celtic Festival
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Ending: Sunday, 16 August 2015
Exotic surf experience in Biarritiz (image courtesy:
Biarritz Surf Festival
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Cycle race in France ( image courtesy:
Tour De France
Starting: Saturday, 4 July 2015
Ending: Sunday, 26 July 2015
Band performing at ARF, France (image courtesy:
Art Rock Festival
Starting: Wednesday, 3 June 2015
Ending: Saturday, 6 June 2015