Tour De France

Tour De France

Event Name : Tour De France
Venue : France
Start Date : Saturday, 04-Jul-2015
End Date : Sunday, 26-Jul-2015
Tour De France is about three weeks cycling tournament, where professional cyclists come to join from all over globe. It is really a very exciting event which attracts cyclists and other sports enthusiasts to be the witness of this historic race competition. It requires loads of zeal and fitness from the participants to cover a distance of about 3,600 kms all through France and countries lying in its neighborhood. Your Tour De Force cycling competition is segregated into 21 different stages and racing route keeps on changing every year but Paris always remains the finishing with no change to it. It is absolutely a worth-experiencing event enticing backpackers across the globe. Rather, it is also confirmed by the New York Times that “Tour De Force is the most physiologically demanding of athletic events” and the efforts of the participants is also compared to "running a marathon several days a week for nearly three weeks", whereas the total elevation of the climbs is compared to "climbing three Everest." It doesn’t make any difference that whether you are a native of the country or not. What demands are your passion and dedication towards the game and a feeling to be its ultimate winner.

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