Singapore Arts Festival

Singapore Arts Festival

Event Name : Singapore Arts Festival
Venue : Singapore
Start Date : Thursday, 22-Jan-2015
End Date : Sunday, 25-Jan-2015
Singapore Arts Festival (SAF) is a one time opportunity for true devotees of arts from in and around Singapore. It is organized by National Arts Council every year that platforms the shinning artistes from several nationalities and disciplines. In 2011, it has special arrangements of displaying some pretty or painful tour de forces of art of the past to change how we take the present and expectations for the future. SAF is vivacious one month fest which incorporates performances related to dance, music, visual arts, theater arts, etc. Here local participants show their eagerness to partake and around 70% of the show is put up by internationally celebrated performers. Further, it is also heard that each event this year will be based on an extraordinary theme of 'I Want To Remember' and the opening of the fest will be graced by a show “When a Gray Taiwanese Cow Stretched, by Ishinha”. The core program solely highlights around 75 performances from various countries. In present world, the Singapore Arts Festival has become a mammoth stage with a phenomenal Asian essence, popular for its creative and bold associations at the cutting-edge of modern arts. And in this way provides amazing exposure each year to the present ones.

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