Fantasy Fest

Fantasy Fest

Event Name : Fantasy Fest
Venue : Key West, Florida
Start Date : Friday, 17-Oct-2014
End Date : Sunday, 26-Oct-2014
The gigantic jubilation of Fantasy Fest highlights the massive merriment, putting on show the celebration of body painting, art and music along with general madness popular amongst the people. It is open for gays, lesbians and straight to be enjoyed with great fervor and spirit. During the fest, it seems that Florida is hosting one of the wildest fancy-dress free-for-alls on earth, where countless people shrink onto Key West all through the last week of October and comes to end with the Street Dance and annual Fantasy Fest Parade. Fantasy Fest is a kind of rum-fuelled party marathon that touts the liveliness of Key West with dazzling costume competitions, street parades, and other madcap activities and thus reaches its zenith. The Carnival Miracle ship will be locked for two nights in Key West downtown, offering you your seats so that you can enjoy entire festivities intended for the last day of this opportune event. In this way, you can let-it-all-hang-out with your mood so sparkling, so frank and consequently brings seventh heaven on earth.

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