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Al Janadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival

Event Name : Al Janadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival
Start Date : Thursday, 17 March 2011
End Date : Wednesday, 30 March 2011
Venue : Riyadh
Country : Saudi Arabia
Category : Entertainment & Recreations

Al Janadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival is the name of the annual extravaganza that celebrates the vibrant cultural treasures of Saudi Arabia. A sort of a national festival when it comes to the showcase of the traditional art forms, this gala occupies a vast territory in the gulf country.

The locality called Janadriyah, situated 45 kilometres outside Riyadh is the hotspot where all the action takes place. One of the oldest of its type Al Janadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival brings out all the colours of Saudi Arabia in an aesthetic way.

Arranged by the The Kingdom of Riyadh, this festival is a meeting point of all the aspects of art and literature in the Arab world with all its magnitude and expressions.

The prosaic literature, beautiful poetry, drama, intellectual discussions, music- all of them come in full bloom in this event. That serves two purposes at the same time- educating the mass about the richness of the folk arts and entertaining them with the performances.

Apart from this the other main attraction is the camel race that invites thousands of spectators. Though apparently, it seems to be a hardcore entertainment stuff, the way the camels are handled and navigated speaks volumes about the art and the skill involved.

A perfect medium to get the crux of Saudi Arabia in a nutshell.

One of the famous cultural festival of Saudi Arabia that brings the various cultural and traditional forms together at one platform.