Trailing Mementos In The European Flea Markets

The European Flea Markets are the apt place if you want to get a raw ethnic flavour of men and manners in a particular nation. Not to mention the ample souvenir shopping...
The eternal class and posh radiation that has become the hallmark of the European nations indicate towards a vacation of fancy and flight. But, when it comes to hitting the roads and collecting the souvenirs that really look like 'souvenirs', the tale take a turn and heads to the famous flea
markets of Europe
. Commonly referred to as Les Puces or The Fleas, the Les Puces de Saint-Quen is a the most renowned flea market in Paris. Located at Porte de Clignancourt, the stalls here are the mini representatives of a legacy of vendorship in the city as many of the stalls have been passed down through generations of antique collector’s families. Hunt down this place for art deco furniture, prints, vintage jewelry, mirrors and many other items. And, one thing, bargaining is on! London comes strong with its army of flea markets. Start with a trip to the Covent Garden Market and pass through the Apple Market, the main market in the courtyard where a traveler can find smaller objects ranging from glassware to leather goods. Jubilee Market, located behind the courtyard joins hand with the former to offer a variety of antique items on Mondays. Even though it is open only on Sundays from 8am- 6pm, the Folhmarkt am Mauerpark of Berlin,
is a place where variety and options hold the key. The shopping includes hats, vintage dead stock sunglasses, old photo albums, mid-century furniture to even bikes. The eating areas in the Flohmarkt gives it the edge with amazing menus and some pegs of gluhwein (spiced wine with rum). The fact that these flea markets are equally crowded by locals as well as travelers adds another dimension to its magnetism.

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