Travel Agent Association For New Zealand (TAANZ)

A leading trade organization that represents the travel agent and tour operator distribution system in New Zealand. The Travel Agent Association For New Zealand (TAANZ) plays a major role in the tourism industry of the country. Not a subject to any government licensing, TAANZ is a self regulating body that is very much focused on performance, quality standards and service. Founded in 1962, TAANZ is now having a membership of 493 travel agents and tour operators.

Travel Agent Association For New Zealand (TAANZ) Travel Agents' Association of New Zealand Level 3, Tourism & Travel House, 79 Boulcott Street PO Box 1888,Wellington,
New Zealand


The mission of TAANZ is to create a favourable atmosphere and mindset for travelling with the proper application of industry norms, highlighting the need to stimulate, encourage and promote the urge to travel.

Who can be its Member

The travel agents and the tour operators contributing to the tourist flow to New Zealand can be a member of TAANZ. But before that, the organizations have to fit in the strict and clear membership and financial criteria of TAANZ along with the consent to be subject to the annual financial review. The TAANZ Bonding Scheme gives the members the opportunity to upgrade their services to the travellers.

Industry Standards

TAANZ is very much serious about the skills of the workers that the current century demands in the arena of customer relations, selling skills, ecommerce, new technology, the law and the travel industry as a whole. To achieve the same, TAANZ works in tandem with the Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation (ATTTO) so that the travellers get the best. The members of TAANZ must adhere to a Code of Ethics and Practice while promoting their business.