Cyprus Hotel Association (C.H.A)

Headquartered in Cyprus, the Cyprus Hotel Association is a professionally managed national trade union for the hoteliers. Incepted in the early part of the 1930s, this organization is, in present times, a leading name with the vast majority of all hotel establishments and other licensed tourist accommodation
units as members.

Cyprus Hotel Association Cyprus Hotel Association, 12, A. Araouzos Street, Hesperides Building P.O.Box 247721303, Nicosia- Cyprus,


  • To protect and promote of the interests of the hoteliers as employers and as professionals, as well as of the interests of Cyprus in general
  • The promotion and upgrading of the Cyprus tourism development
  • To upgrade and develop of the hotel establishments in Cyprus and the improvement of the professional level of the hoteliers
  • To maintain the solidarity between its members

Who can be its Member

The membership of Cyprus Hotel Association is available for the hotels, resorts and other licensed tourist accommodation.

Industry Standards

The Cyprus Hotel Association takes active part in several committees set up by the government or by semi-governmental organizations to discuss the issues related to the hotel and tourist industry that has a direct effect on the economy of the country.

In order to advocate the rights of the members, The Cyprus Hotel Association makes representations to the Government, to the House of Representatives, to various Official Organizations like the economic, industrial, commercial, labour, legislative unions.