Travel and Tourism Agencies Council (ATTAC)

Travel and Tourism Agencies Council (ATTAC) is the association of travel agents established in the year 2000 with strong assistance of Civil Aviation of Abu Dhabi. Ruling the travel industry with more than 250 members, ATTAC has emerged as the largest association in UAE. The association aims at assisting tour operators and travel agents in improvising the standard of their services and also provides recommendations for development of travel trade on international platform. It also provides important information and training resources for further enhancement of the services to public.

Travel and Tourism Agencies Council, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Building, Khalifa St., Office No. 604, P.O. Box 33955Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates


The mission statement of ATTAC revolves around augmenting the standard of travel agencies and protecting their value in emirates. The prime focus is on following:

  • Upraising the standard of employees and their services
  • Supervising Travel Agency and eliminating the role of unethical practices withing and between travel agencies
  • Retaining their interest of 7% commission on ticket sales given by Airlines to Travel Agents
  • Getting recognized by international specialized organizations like International Air Transport Association (IATA) & United Federation of Travel Agents' Association (UFTAA)
  • Coordinating between travel agents and competent government agencies & international organizations, and submit recommendations to concerned authorities in reference to the steps introduced to develop the travel trade in line with international standards
  • Maintaining cooperation between the operating Airlines in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through Board of Airlines Representatives and/or individual basis for the mutual interest of both parties

Who can be its Member

The range of membership of ATTAC comprises of Travel and Tourism Agencies operating in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. All these travel agencies include Inbound and Outbound Operators aimed at providing travel services to customers.

Industry Standards

ATTAC runs under the firm supervision of Executive Committee that basically monitors the planning and operations authority of ATTAC. It stretches its functions and also lays down the strategy and relationship with concerned government agencies. The committee, comprised of eight members, keeps track of illegal practices going on within travel agencies. An additional Steering Committee is there to maintain the decorum and regulate overall functioning of the body.